Visualizing Climate ' Changing Futures?

27-29 May 2016

Deadline for submissions: 8th January 2016

You are invited to submit a contribution to our panel 'Visualizing Climate ' Changing Futures'? at the RAI’s conference 'Anthropology, Weather, and Climate Change', British Museum, Clore Centre, London.

The panel will explore: How do visual media shape understandings of climate change? What visual language or imagery are used by various communities to communicate and address climate change? By exploring how visual tools, participatory strategies, pictorial narratives or social media are used by news media, local communities or artists, this panel will examine how climate change is made culturally meaningful across a range of visual and cultural practises. Inviting multi-media format contributions, this practice based panel thus aims to establish a creative and collaborative dialogue between science, art, media and culture. In doing so, we will explore how visualizations help shape audience responses to climate change, and how these can be better deployed in the move towards sustainable climate-changed futures.

Susanne Hammacher ( bersee-Museum Bremen) and Julie Doyle (University of Brighton) encourage media based contributions and practice based formats of presentation. If you are interested in participating in this panel, please submit an abstract through the RAI’s web platform.

Please forward this 'Call for Participation' widely and do get in touch with us for any questions and comments (Julie: [email protected] ; Susanne: [email protected] ).