Journal of Visual Arts Practice (JVAP)


Editor: Camberwell, Chelsea, Wimbledon Visiting Fellow, Chris Smith.

The Journal of Visual Arts Practice (JVAP) is a forum for debate for the international community engaged in or concerned with research in fine art and the visual arts more generally. It is concerned with exploring the boundaries of these disciplines and sharing debate on research and creative practices. The journal works within a frame that recognises both the expanding practices that constitute research in the fine and visual arts, as well as the increasing cross and interdisciplinary nature of creative practices in the field.

JVAP encourages contributions relating to scholarly, pure, developmental, applied, and pedagogical research. It encourages submissions exploring new critical theories of research and practice as well as evaluations of the practical and educational impact of such research. JVAP will support critical debate within and across fields. It is peer reviewed, but has mechanisms for supporting and encouraging new contributors. The journal will proactively support doctoral researchers as well as established academics.

The Journal of Visual Arts Practice is a referred journal supported by the National Association for Fine Art Education.