JAWS Journal

Editor in Chief: Francesca Peschier, Camberwell, Chelsea, Wimbledon PhD Student

JAWS is the Journal of Arts Writing by Students, the first journal of its kind in the UK It is written, peer reviewed and edited in its entirety by current students and first year graduates. The journal was started as an offshoot of the MRes Arts Practice course at CCW Graduate School in 2012 and now has an international board of student editors from New York, Hong Kong and Melbourne, with international editions planned in Arabic and Thai. After three issues as a UAL based publication, they secured a contract with Intellect publishing. Their first international professional publication was in October 2014. The journal has also won several awards for design and enterprise, including making the 2014 shortlist for the NEEA awards.

Publication in the JAWS journal provides University students with valuable experience of writing for an academic journal (an essential component of PhD study or an academic career) as well as circulation and recognition of their research.

It is not only an opportunity to take their academic writing to the next level but also to share outcomes and findings across the University. JAWS believes strongly in research as a living pragmatic entity – it should not languish unread in a file bending bedroom shelves, it is only through sharing and discussion that new ideas can be allowed to develop and grow.

JAWS is made possible through support from SEE and Camberwell, Chelsea, Wimbledon.