Welcome Cape Farewell

CCW Graduate School welcomes Cape Farewell, an international not-for-profit programme dedicated to developing cultural responses to climate change. They have now begun a residency with us in the Graduate School, planned to last for three years. During this time there will be opportunities for CCW staff to collaborate with Cape Farewell on projects that offer cultural and creative responses to climate change.  The Cape Farewell team are:

  • David Buckland, (Director UK & US/Canada)
  • Yasmine Ostendorf (Programme Director)
  • Marente van der Valk (Project Manager)
  • Susie Stevens (Finance)
  • Ruth Little (Associate Director)

Cape Farewell has been collaborating with the world’s leading climate scientists and its most influential artists to instigate a cultural response to climate change since 2001. The Cape Farewell team believe that climate change is a cultural, social and economic challenge, and they are inspired to move beyond the scientific and rational debate to address it. By bringing together artists, scientists, communicators and cultural opinion formers, they endeavour to develop creative works that act as a catalyst for change. By using creativity to innovate, they engage artists, writers, poets, musicians and film-makers for their ability to evolve and amplify a creative language, communicating – on an emotional level and on a human scale – the urgency of the global climate challenge.

One of their creative outputs is to employ the notion of ‘expeditions’ – Arctic, island, urban and conceptual – to interrogate the scientific, social and economic realities that have led to climate disruption. Cape Farewell has so far made eight voyages into the high Arctic, ones to the Andes/Amazon, and more recently to the western islands of Scotland. This experience has prompted them to change from bearing witness to climate change to working pro-actively and in collaboration with island societies already de-carbonising their lives. Some of their work has been chronicled in the Graduate School’s publication Bright 9: Expedition.

In parallel to their expeditions they organize a wide range of activities, from exhibitions, to poetry slams, festivals, concerts, and much more.

Cape Farewell invites you to engage with them; take part in their competitions, follow them on Facebook, and attend their events. Stay informed at: www.capefarewell.com FB:  /capefarewell

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