[Video] Klappe

CCW PhD student Kate Pelling has released her second publication, [Video] Klappe. Her research-led practice consists of video, drawing and text. Pelling’s current research is concerned with the relationship between speech and video editing processes. Her practice is generated by unscripted speech made directly to the camera. Following the recording, a rigorous editing process is engaged using video editing, text editing and drawing so that the resulting works reflect the thinking that has emerged during the process.  Her entire body of work is an enquiry that draws out information on the editing processes within artists’ film and video and questions the nature of those processes.

Describing her new publication, Pelling said, ‘[Video] Klappe is concerned with editing the [Video] environment and how this might inform the [real] environment. [Video] Klappe is based in a video process, and presents the results of a number of editing techniques, such as transcription, translation, the selection of still images, and editing using drawing and text. The publication includes 87 drawings and a transcription of speech that was generated during the recording of the video material. The backdrop of [Video] Klappe is the town of Niederbrechen in Germany and the publication could indeed be understood as a love letter to the town.’

Kate Pelling is a British artist based in Germany. She studied at Wirral Metropolitan College, Birkenhead (2003), Wimbledon School of Art, London (2004), and Birkbeck, University of London (2008). She is currently researching her PhD. Pelling has exhibited extensively in the UK and the USA, and also in Bulgaria, Canada, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Portugal, and Switzerland. Her first book, A Relational [Video] Grammar: Extrapolation was published by Fifth Floor Publications in 2013.


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