Utopographies: Evaluation, Consensus and Location- binding and launch

On Tuesday 25 November at 5:30pm, Critical Practice will be launching its new publication, Utopographies: Evaluation, Consensus and Location. Please join for the collective binding and celebration of this beautiful limited-edition souvenir from the exhibition of the same name in the Green Room at Chelsea. It was created as a reminder of how Critical Practice, a self-selected group of CCW students and a collection of utopographers worked towards Evaluation, Consensus and Location in the Triangle Space at Chelsea on 24-29 March 2014.

The theme of Evaluation – was to enable Critical Practice to develop its current research strand into value and evaluative communities – Consensus as its a problematic term for utopians, and Location, as we’re all interested in being creatively estranged in time and space. Neil Cummings, CCW professor and Critical Practice member, said, ‘At a series of workshops we collaboratively developed an appropriate event space – neither exhibition, lecture, conference, workshop nor symposium space – a flexible environment to nurture creative processes. From the 24th, we installed the environment by threading kilometres of rope to create a meshwork throughout the Triangle Space. “Weavers” came, some went, and others stayed over the three days; it was surprisingly tiring, the process managed to accommodate everyone, was deeply discursive and satisfying. The two, more public ‘exhibitionary’ days were an astonishing array of presentations, screenings, Live Action Role Play (LARP), Skype discussions, interviews, live scribing, performances, talks, workshops, hacks, tournaments, walks, and confrontations. We glimpsed the future, and recovered the spirit of art schools gone by.’

Participants included:
Jill Belli, Francis Brady, Amy Butt, Nathaniel Coleman, Contemporary Land Theatre (Featuring Stephanie Dickinson and Michael Tyack), Angus Carlyle, Critical Practice, Ruth Desseault, Karel Doing, Eddie Dorrian, Open Music Archive, Hayley Jukes, Charlotte Knox-Williams, Mathilda Oosthuizen, Blanca Regina, Prof. Kazue Kobata, Adoka Niitsu, Dan Smith, Adam Stock, Sissu Tarka and many others.

The evening will include introductions from Dr Dan Smith and the Critical Practice Research Cluster from 6pm and will be followed by binding, launch and refreshments.


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