TrAIN Events: May 2018

‘Utsuwa Utsushi’ 

(until 1st May)

4th May 2018, 9:00-19:00

Symposium – Banqueting Hall 
Exhibition/demonstration – Red Room

Chelsea College of Arts
16 John Islip Street
London SW1P 4JU

Hiroshi Onishi, Machiya of Image, 2012

Tickets £8/£6 (concession) 
refreshments and lunch included
Tickets are available HERE

Drawing from the wordplay of two etymologically associated Japanese terminologies: ‘Utsuwa’ (vessel, container, receptacle, vacuum, reality) and ‘Utsushi’ (copy, transfer, possessed), this symposium raises philosophical and visual cultural questions on the conventional idea of dichotomy ‘original’ vs ‘copy’, ‘fine art’ vs ‘applied art’/’craft’, ‘seen’ vs ‘unseen’ and ‘material’ vs ‘immaterial’.

According to Inaga Shigemi who inspired this symposium with his idea of ‘“Pirates’ View” of world history’, the current rigid legal regulations and knowledge production system set by Euroamerica have been challenged by the pirate’s trade their products and access to information.  However, the negativity attached to the idea of ‘copy’ also enables us to realise the positive values that can be found in the Japanese/East Asian ideas.

More Information and tickets are HERE


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