Thinking through Drawing 2012: Drawing in STEAM

CCW Graduate School is pleased to announce the publication of Thinking through Drawing 2012: Drawing in STEAM.  The publication is the product of the symposium of the same name held 12-14 September 2012 at Wimbledon College of Art.   The event was organised by Angie Brew (CCW PhD student, University of the Arts London), Michelle Fava (Loughborough University) and Andrea Kantrowicz (Teachers College, Columbia University).  Speakers were invited to the three-day event from a wide array or professions, including IT, cognitive psychology, fine art and performance and surgery to discuss the role that drawing plays in their work.

The symposium asked, how is drawing used within and between STEM disciplines (science, technology, engineering and maths)?. What is the relationship between drawing practices in the Arts and in STEM subjects? What is our current understanding of drawing, cognition and learning, and how is it contributing to curriculum development in instructional design in these areas? Four artists, Yoon Bahk, Robert Shadbolt, Shaun Belcher and Sarah Blake, scribed throughout the event, translating concepts and themes presented by the speakers into illustrations and images.  This artwork has recently been reproduced in the book, which was partially funded by CCW Graduate School.

Angie Brew is a drawing teacher and practitioner, currently researching enactive observational drawing methods and pedagogy for her doctorate. Her art practice explores secular approaches to death, and drawing for well-being. She leads a community project Drawing Growth in Brixton, London and teaches privately. She also works for ArtsExpress, a community arts education charity. She founded and directs Thinking through Drawing, International Drawing and Cognition Research and 123 Draw with Michelle Fava and Andrea Kantrowitz.  More information about Angie and her collaborators can be found on the Drawing and Cognition website.

A pdf of the publication can be downloaded here.  Thinking_through_Drawing_book__web

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