There’s a Ghost in my House

Friday 7 March 2014, 1.00-2.30pm, Tate Britain, Clore Auditorium

This event is the first of two Paint Club events hosted by Tate Britain this spring. It addresses the issue of what kind of working relationship contemporary artists might hope to have with the paintings (both historical and recent) in a ‘Museum’ collection. Does new painting, to gain significance, always have to genuflect to art of the past? Are works of art, once acceded to a Museum collection, insulated from further contention and reinterpretation, just as they may be rescued from the vicariousness of the marketplace?

Artists Andrew Cranston, Dougal McKenzie and Ann-Marie James (a recent graduate from the Wimbledon MA Fine Art course) have been invited to discuss their relationship with particular paintings from the new Tate Britain displays. The event is chaired by Dr Jo Melvin.  Their choices are all works by artists who have known, to a greater or lesser extent, fluctuations in public esteem. You can see the artists’ choices from the Tate displays here (where there are also links to book tickets and send in questions for discussion by the panel)

Paint Club was set up by staff and research students of UAL as a research network, open to anyone with an interest in contemporary painting.  It provides a forum for the discussion of painting, its context within contemporary art practice and its relationship to research, its own history and other forms of art. Paint Club is establishing a network of research students and staff across the UK and worldwide.

The next event following There’s a Ghost in my House will be on Friday 25th April, and will feature writer Barry Schwabsky and artist Clare Woods. For further details click here.

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