The Department of Repair

CCW PhD student Bridget Harvey is co-curating the upcoming exhibition The Department of Repair at Camberwell Space.

The Department of Repair opens on 12th January at Camberwell Space.  It explores (re)making through fixing, repairing and mending. The project reframes the theme of “repair”, exploring its identities and potential for environmentally and socially engaged practice.

It is a collaborative project between myself, Karen Richmond and Michael Hurley from BA Three Dimensional Design, and Maiko Tsutsumi from MA Designer Maker at Camberwell.  The concept expanded from an idea for a one-day event on fixing/mending.  I am researching repair practices for my PhD studies, and we are all interested in growing the community of practice surrounding making and mending.

Designed as a two-part project, the first part will involve an exhibition and generative workshops with visiting (re)makers, (re)designers and repairers, both to demonstrate and teach repair skills. Initially works which explore various facets of repair will be on display, including objects that have been through some sort of repair process, tools and other resources for mending as well as a stop motion film about the break down of a ship by photographer Tim Mitchell.  The outcomes from the workshops will join the exhibition for the latter weeks.  Collaborators include Hendzel and Hunt, Second Sitters, Seabass Cycles, Tom of Holland and The Restart Project.

A forthcoming website and two-part publication will complement the project, with writings on various perspectives on fixing, including conservation.   Through the project we are attempting to demonstrate and promote the potential of repair, reclaim and fixing over replacing. The project will offer a space within which to explore different ways of fixing – experimental, practical or anything in between, developing and playing with ideas – and help build a community of people who are interested in repair and who have different skills to offer one another.

The project reception will be held on 3rd February, with a presentation by Pr. Daniel Charny at Wilson Road lecture theatre at 4pm, followed by drinks in the Camberwell Space from 5:30-8:00pm.’

More details and event booking are here.

  • Part 1 (workshops and exhibition) 12th-30th January
  • Part 2 (exhibition) 2nd-20th February

twitter/instagram hashtag #thedeptofrepair

Top image by Bridget Harvey

Michael Marriott's thonet stool 2

Michael Marriott’s thonet stool


Owen Leather

Owen Leather


Seabass Cycles

Seabass Cycles


Tim Mitchell

Tim Mitchell


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