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Colour and Abstraction

Dean of Chelsea, George Blacklock has a new book out from 26 October, Colour and Abstraction. ‘The book is written from a methodological point of view. It begins by briefly charting how the use of colour in painting was liberated from a “support” role to drawing in the construction of traditional pictorial space. This around  the turn of the 20th Century – particularly with Fauvism. This sense of liberation allowed significant advances in pictorial dynamics. It discusses (again briefly) how in tandem with this, drawing itself was radically shifted through Cubism.

The book then uses these twin bases to look at the development of abstract (and abstracted) pictorial space and how artists have used various methods and devices to construct their work.  The next section moves on to discuss how the “stuff” of paint (its materiality) affects pictorial dynamics and choices. Finally, it uses examples of my own paintings to illustrate how complex or simplistic pictorial choices can be, and how they can be derived.’

It is now on available from Amazon.