Symposium: Women in Conceptual Art


Banqueting Hall, Chelsea College of Arts
9.30-7pm, Thursday 24 May 2018

The Women in Conceptual Art symposium will present new research in performance, scores, film and happenings emerging from female artists’ conceptual art practices. Artists’ work to be addressed will be drawn from but not limited to the following: Christine Kozlov, Eleanor Antin, Lee Lozano, Deborah Hay, Dorothea Rockburne, Hanne Darboven, Ann Hamilton, Pip Benveniste, Carlyle Reedy, Marie Yates, Annabelle Nicolson and Anne Bean.

– A K Dolven
– Kaitlin Doyle
– Karen Di Franco
– Sophia Hao
– Lina Hermsdorf
– Rozemin Keshvani
– Irene Revell
– Amy Tobin
– Catherine Wood

Tickets: £8/6 (includes lunch and post-event drinks)
Book your place here:

Convened by Dr Jo Melvin and presented by the Camberwell, Chelsea, Wimbledon Graduate School Public Programme.

Image: A K Dolven. Stills from ‘Amazon’ 16mm film, mute, 1 min 34 (2005). Edited to the Allegro Molto of Shostakovich’s String Quartet No.8b In C Minor, Op. 110


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