Special Talk : Future and Historical Time of Socio Internationally Related Arts

This event is a Special Talk by Artists , Reserachers and Curators who rerated history about Millbank penitentiary, and engaged international society through the history of remains in Millbank.

Malcolm Quinn (Associate Dean
of CCW/Researcher)
Jane Kennedy (Record Manager of Tate Britain)
Fran Cottell (Senior Lecturer of CCW/Artist)
Eiko Honda (Curator)
Kenji Yamada (Artist)
And Special Guest

Date: 19th July 3 – 5pm

Place of event:
Morpeth Arms / 58 Millbank, London SW1P 4RW

In the turmoil of today’s world, what kind of a role does art and culture play with regards to the relationship between nations and local history? With various scales of community consciousness, and a situation where communication styles among people are evolving in sync with constant technical innovations, what kind of a commons discussion or consciousness platform do the arts create for international relations?

This time we are inviting artists, researchers and curators who are deeply involved internationally between the U.K. and Asia/Oceania including local history of Millbank, and are planning an overlapping discussion about the “role of international relations and art around Millbank Penitentiary,” and “the change in internationality between the U.K. and Australia since the 19th century, and the role of art/architecture.” Clarifying how international relations have matured in the past 200 years, what kind of a universality is there?, How could a methodology evolve for artists and researcher both inside and outside of the U.K. in their approach to international relations, unfolding through lectures and discussions concerning the future prospects and possibilities?

This event will use the pub ‘Morpeth Arms’ that remains in the basement of a historic 19th century structure near the Chelsea College of Arts, sharing all rooms of the building through an image relay that utilizes the old structure. Based on technical cooperation with Miyu Hayashi(Artist), a recording production and concept making is planned by the artistic director Kenji Yamada(Artist). This talk’s archive will be shown on his solo show from 25th of July.

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