Samson Kambalu- Dak’art 2014

CCW PhD student, Samson Kambalu, as been invited to participate in Dak’art 2014, the 11th annual Dakar Biennale, 9 May – 8 June 2014.  Dak’Art is the biggest biennale of Contemporary African Art, and is held in Dakar, Senegal. Kambalu will contribute a cinema installation screening his site-specific (psychogeographic) film, work which he has developed while looking at the general economy in Meschac Gaba’s Museum of Contemporary African Art.  ‘Snow Man’ is an example of such a film which he recently made in Suzdal, Russia.

Samson Kambalu works in a variety of media, including painting and drawing, site-specific installation, video, performance and literature. His work criticises art, religion, identity and economic values in a globalised world.  His PhD looks at the general economy in Meschac Gaba’s Museum of Contempory African Art and imagines the 13th room of the museum.

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