Process Practice Play

This year’s cohort of first year PhD students at CCW are showing their exhibition, Process Practice Play, in the Triangle Space at Chelsea College of Arts, 4-7 March 2014. ┬áThe students organising it are Stephanie Cheung, Anna Gialdini, Altea Grau-Vidal, Bridget Harvey, Jina Lee, Keunhye Lee, Lana Locke, Mohammad Namazi, Vanessa Saraceno, Hiroki Yamamoto and Josh Y’Barbo. Here is what they have to say about the exhibition:

“Although our practices are very different, we all are art-researchers. We all play with ideas and we all follow a process unique to ourselves in taking that idea all the way through to its final form.

“Thus, within this show we will celebrate two crucial moments that actually constitute our practice: what we produce and the way we produce, extending to writing as much as to artwork. To put it brutally, each person will bring two works, one that can be considered ‘finished’ and another ‘unfinished’, a work alongside that gives an insight into the playful, experimental and investigative nature of the process. We will show that which is normally hidden: the ideas that are embryonic, that are discarded, that may never make it to being a finished work, but are at the heart of our research. The exhibition will demonstrate thinking in action and consider play in its many manifestations as a valid strategy within research, a tool of the work.”

The private view for Process Practice Play is on 4 March 2014. Everyone is welcome.

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