The Optical and its Limits

Chelsea MA Fine Art student, Milena Michalski, is recipient of The Arts Club Aldeburgh Beach bursary and winner of the Chelsea College of Arts residency.  It will take place 1-6 April 2014, with a show on Saturday 5th April 2014, 11-4pm and drinks 12-2pm.

‘The theme I have chosen for my residency at The South Beach Lookout in Aldeburgh is “the optical and its limits”. These words originally referred to the visual properties of the sea, but I have extended their meaning to encompass the creation of works which are both visual and tactile, combining optics and haptics.

‘Traditionally, the Lookout is a point from which to observe outwards, yet for me, with this residency, it is also a place offering the chance to look inwards, to re-assess how I work. My practice centres on film and video, as well as print-making, using both analogue and digital media. During the residency I plan to use my surroundings to affect my work physically, by introducing elements into the material of the pieces. I shall use painting on film to engage the public, and I will use a Super 8 camera to record parts of the residency, but I also intend to use film as a sculptural object. Similarly, I shall print on paper, but also with the aim of working with its materiality in ways beyond using it as a carrier of an image. In keeping with the beautiful simplicity of the Lookout, perhaps most importantly and most challengingly, I would like to incorporate drawing in my work there.

‘The Lookout residency is the perfect opportunity to take artistic risks I would not take otherwise, to think and work in new ways, in new surroundings. It is, of course, a little daunting, but above all it is deeply exciting and inspiring.’

Find more information about Aldeburgh Beach Lookout visit their website.

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