No(w)here, An Exhibition in Intersections across Time and Space: One and Another / Now and Then

CCW PhD students Jina Lee and Keunhye Lee have gathered their ideas to explore the intersections across time and space with the title No(w)here, which can be both read as ‘now-here’ or ‘no-where’. As a means of understanding and engaging with socio-geographical timespaces, the exhibition space becomes a platform for 1) ‘now-here’, understood as current social activism Between One and Another and 2) ‘no-where’, where it can be interpreted as somewhere Between Now and Then. No(w)here will run 13 – 19 November 2014, with the private view on Thursday 13 November 2014, 6 – 9 pm. 5th Base Gallery is open 12-6pm.

Between One and Another:

Jina Lee puts the emphasis on the diasporal ethnicities to look at the relationships people create in the production of territorial borders. It is said that we are living in a world that is ‘borderless’ (Ohmae 1999) or ‘deterritorialised’ (Appadurai 1990). Beyond conventional maps, Lee’s re-drawing of and intervention into maps intends to expose and articulate the re-politicised voices of communities. She plans to make map-drawings as both a cultural and political act, which stimulate reflection and discussion with the community.

Re-territorialised map, 2014, acrylic, paper collage, pen and watercolour on tyvek paper

Between Now and Then:

Keunhye Lee has addressed how historically repetitive elements of space are understood in the contemporary design fields further future. She uses the notions of trajectories and tracing acts (de Certeau, 1984) to map repetitive activity, and to develop space designs using ‘smart’ materials that reveal patterns of daily use. Interactive and smart technologies, often used for effect, can potentially utilise the trace as a design resource, producing immediate changes in a reversible way.

Spatial Installation, Ondol, 2014, wood, plaster, ‘smart’ material and electronic device

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