More then Two Stories

Alongside the commercial book with its, saleable, literary, narrative there has always been another practice – called avant-garde, experimental or artist’s book.  It is this work that curator Denise Hawrysio, herself an acclaimed artist and bookmaker in the alternative tradition, investigates in this exhibition More then Two Stories.  The work in this show takes its cue from modern trends in other art forms, notably structural film. This exhibition emphasises the nature of the books’ apparatus and medium, work that deconstructs, anatomises and re-images what the book’s function can be.

Artists’ Structural films in the early 1960s sought to explore visual and cognitive ideas of structure, process and chance, moving towards a self-reflexiveness; as theorized in the 1930’s by Walter Benjamin.   These artists’ books in More then Two Stories, like structural films, are concerned with duration and the act of reading itself.

More then Two Stories is an exhibition of work by MA Book Arts students from at Camberwell College of Arts, curated by Denise Hawrysio. The show runs 2-30 June 2014 at London College of Communications, Library. The students from the MA Book Arts Course have made a work in response to Canadian conceptual artist Michael Snow’s book, Cover to Cover, 1975, part of the UAL Artists’ book special collection held at the Chelsea College of Art Library.

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