Lee Triming – Resident in Painting at Wimbledon

Wimbledon College of Arts is thrilled to announce that artist, Lee Triming will be resident in the BA Painting studios at the college this autumn. Lee is currently engaged in PhD research in Painting at the Royal College of Art, and his plans for the residency include developing collaborative writing strategies and working on large-scale drawings with an eye to developing these into backdrops or screens. He describes being interested in the format of the residency as a teaching tool, and how he might use it to rethink modes of pedagogical engagement, discourse and exchange.

Lee Triming is a London-based artist and writer interested in shuffling; both as a formal device employing repetition and reconfiguration to generate composition, and as a way of keeping sets of references in shifting relation. Drawing, writing, appropriation and performance are areas wherein and between which he shuffles gestures and figures. A diagram of his current interests would make connections between formalist abstraction, occult traditions, queer politics, pop (sub)cultures and experimental literature. Recent works, involving large-scale wall paintings and live or pre-recorded sound as well as photocopies, objects and projected imagery, have involved ventriloquising Gertrude Stein, summoning Yoko Ono and pretending to be one of Paul Thek’s sculptures.

This residency in painting forms part of our year long examination of Punk in the Suburbs. For more information on activities and events in Painting research at Wimbledon see: paintingresearch.net.

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