Edges and Enclosures

From 9 September to 3 October, CCW Professor Eileen Hogan will be exhibiting Edges and Enclosures at Browse & Darby. The new work that she is showing will be accompanied by a book published by Browse & Darby, with an introductory essay by Wendy Baron about Hogan and her work.

The section entitled Self-portraits through wardrobe features new paintings by Hogan of her clothes in her wardrobe. ‘A familiar feature of my indoor life is the wardrobe at the end of my bed, the closely hung stripes of colour formed by a succession of shirts and scarves. The clothes hold something of my shape, memories of when and where they were bought and of times worn. The paintings are a self-portrait that explores how much presence can be achieved in absence and how much an image of a person can be implied through association.’ The exhibition also shows work from her Snow Series, Little Sparta Series and Trinity Buoy Wharf. The full book can be found online.

Hogan is exploring portraiture more broadly with the UAL Community of Practice, Don’t Stare It’s Rude. The group examines what happens when different disciplines and perspectives are brought to bear on the concept of portraiture, treating it as an open proposition. The group held two symposia in 2015, and has recently been funded to continue its research.

Top image: Self-portrait through wardrobe 2, 2015, oil and wax on paper, 60 x 66 cm, by Eileen Hogan

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