Drawing Life- Living the Line

Angie Brew, CCW PhD student, is running a drawing symposium called Drawing Life- Living the Line at Chateau Lamostonie in the Dordogne 16-18 April 2014.  She will be leading the symposium with fellow instructors Viyki Turnbull and Natasha Freedman. Following from the workshops they ran at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York in October 2013 they will explore, in more depth, the fine-tuning of perception and visual thought through movement and observational drawing. They will consider uses of drawing, connecting views from drawing practice and the science of drawing and cognition, continuing conversations began at the annual Thinking through Drawing symposia (see International Drawing and Cognition Research).

On the second day a workshop will take place in the Peche Merle caves (like Lascaux, but people can go in the original caves rather than replicas, as at Lascaux), surrounded by the drawings made by Cro-Magnon people, tens of thousands of years ago.

The Brew International Drawing School was founded in March 2013 by Clare and Angie Brew, as a platform for teaching and researching drawing and cognitive skills across disciplines. Angie Brew teaches a weekly class called Drawing Growth at Brockwell Park community greenhouses, focusing on the drawing process and its potential for growth and learning.

More information about Drawing Life can be found on Facebook and on the Brew International Drawing website.

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