Bernice Donszelmann, who teaches on BA Fine Art at Chelsea, will be showing a new exhibition, DESCRIPTOR, at Five Years Gallery from 6-14 June, with the private view on Friday 5 June. Her practice and research are concerned with the negotiation of architectural space, focusing on how aspects of the architectural discipline (and everyday levels of ‘spatial practice’) betray an impulse to work against the structure and permanence of architectural form..

Exhibition: DESCRIPTOR – an installation by Bernice Donszelmann at Five Years Gallery, London.

The floor is portable

The path is mutable

My trousers are extendable

The bed is bendable

A hallway is durable

But the ceiling is permeable

A corner is viable

The balcony, pliable

This area is erasable

The hill, replicable

The window is negotiable

A carpet is zippable

The page is traversable

My hair is unattributable

Feet, manoeuvrable

The desk is luminous

My gloves are voluminous

The wall, magnanimous

The door folds, light holds.

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