Damaging Objects

Damaging Objects is the first in a series of solo exhibitions by emerging contemporary artists at Schwartz Gallery, and Lana Locke’s first gallery solo show.

Damaging Objects has two implications for the art objects in the exhibition: objects that have damage done to them, and objects that are enacting damage (or planning to). Building on the themes of Locke’s practice-based PhD focused on the agonistic struggle of the art object against the space in which it is installed, the objects and the gallery space become adversaries in a power struggle. Setting up a precarious environment in the gallery, the twin strands of damage seep from the objects as they engage with the space: the one strand aggressive, picking a fight with the space; the other melancholic, fragile, and licking their wounds.

Questions are raised as to what the fight is about, how the objects and space might cause each other damage, and what the result of their conflict will be.

Damaging Objects follows Locke’s appearance in two Schwartz Gallery group shows in 2013, Punk Salon and ex-ca-vate-site-one, and her selection in the same year for Bloomberg New Contemporaries and Creekside Open (Paul Noble Selector’s Prize). She is a current PhD student at CCW, supported by Chelsea Arts Club Trust.

The private view is Wednesday 23rd April 2014, 6-9 pm, and the exhibition is open 23rd April – 18th May 2014. Further information can be found at Schwartz Gallery.

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