Call for Papers – 50 Years of British Artists’ Moving Image | MIRAJ Issue 6.1/6.2

Moving Image Review & Art Journal

Issue 6.1/6.2

50 Years of British Artists’ Moving Image

Call for Papers | Deadline: 15 August 2016


On the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the London Filmmakers’ Cooperative (LFMC) and the fortieth anniversary of London Video Arts (now LUX), articles are invited that reflect upon the histories, contexts and legacies of artists’ film and video practices in Britain since 1966. Both organisations played a significant role in the development of the distinctive and diverse artists’ moving image culture experienced in the UK today. This double issue of MIRAJ marks these anniversaries in order to draw forth new scholarship and research in a vital field of study and practice. This issue will be guest edited by Benjamin Cook and Lucy Reynolds.


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We invite articles that examine:

  • •      Ecologies of practice, distribution and production (including workshops, funding, the academy, distributors, collectives, co-operatives, galleries, festivals, the art market, television and the internet).
  • •      Spectatorship (spaces and patterns of reception from museums to micro-cinemas, from festival to home viewing and online).
  • •      International links, networks and perspectives (in particular encouraging dialogues concerning a non-Western axis).
  • •      Scholarship then and now (magazines, film journals, educational contexts).

We encourage articles that debate:

  • •      What was and what continues to be at stake in contemporary British artists’ moving image culture.
  • •      Interplay and tensions between moving image culture and contexts such as artists’ film production and film industry, experimental film and the art world.
  • •      The dialogues between earlier movements and contemporary practices.
  • •      Technological shifts and the significance of medium specificity in the digital age.

We welcome articles that explore:

  • •      Original theoretical and interdisciplinary methodologies for the historiography, analysis and discourses of post-war artists’ moving image practices in Britain.
  • •      Posit new research and perspectives on figures and contexts overlooked or under-represented.
  • •      Dissect and examine existing canonical representations of key figures and contexts.


Please submit completed manuscripts only. Send all contributions and proposals by e-mail in Word format to the Editorial Assistant:

The Moving Image Review & Art Journal (MIRAJ) is the first peer-reviewed publication devoted to artists’ film and video, and its contexts. It is published twice a year in print by Intellect Books in collaboration with the University of the Arts London. MIRAJ offers a widely distributed international forum for debates surrounding all forms of artists’ moving image and media artworks.

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