Beyond the Frame: Photography and Experimentation

Camberwell BA Photography Course Leader Duncan Wooldridge will chair a discussion and reading seminar on Photography and Experimentation on June 14 at Tate Modern, London.  Wooldridge will provide an introduction to the current context of photographic experimentation, situating it as a reaction to photography’s conventions (and the fascination with vernacular photographies), begun but unfinished in early 1970s conceptualism.  In the present, as a response to the fading hegemony of photographic representation in media, it might be argued that many technical images have been freed from their representational functions, in favour of a flattening out of image and text as information.

After presentations by each artist, the discussion will emphasise the recent explorations of abstraction and materiality in recent photography, and will attempt to ask questions about whether the emergent physical presence of the photograph can be construed politically, or as an art object facilitating a voracious art market.  Speakers include Brendan Fowler (New York), Sophy Rickett (London) and Alberto Peral (Barcelona)

After the discussion, Duncan Wooldridge will lead a reading seminar considering different approaches to convention, experimentation and accident in photography, through Vilem Flusser’s ‘The Gesture of Photography’, Moyra Davey’s ‘Notes on Photography & Accident’, and an optional contextual text, ‘The Unfixed Photograph’ by Matthew Witkovsky.

Further information about the event and speakers can be found on the Tate website.

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