Art and Queer Culture

Art and Queer Culture is a panel discussion that will attempt to highlight such concerns as part of an ongoing movement against queer invisibility, unnecessary silences, cultural forms of oppression, censorship and state controlled funding that does not support the arts. CCW Graduate School is hosting this discussion between Richard Meyer, Editor of Art and Queer Culture, and Irene Revell, Director of Electra, and it will be chaired by Dr Stephen Wilson, University of the Arts London, in the Lecture Theatre at Chelsea College of Art, Thursday 20 March at 5:30pm.

Inside a section of the recently published Art and Queer Culture entitled, ‘Document G – Queer Worlds (1995-present)’, the editors state that ‘queer’ has been reclaimed by gay men, lesbians, bisexuals, transgender people and other sexual minorities as a deviant means to self-description. To call oneself ‘queer’ is to confront but also to defy the violent uses to which that word has been put in the past, ‘queer’ suggests a thoroughgoing critique of gay and lesbian normalisation and of the ‘positive’ images of homosexual dignity, patriotism and community that accompany it.

How are these attitudes reflected back into the art institution? Is there a point in recent history when art institutions, public spaces and national museums have confidently reclaimed queer history? There are collected artworks from around the world that demonstrate an exciting past full of examples of gay and lesbian pride hung on institutional walls. What is great to witness and look at can also be spoken about.

Further information about the panel discussion and booking can be found here.

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