And the Dark And The Dark……

There are the neons, those slapdash pinks that signal a lapsed adolescence, three women at a banquet and the nonchalant gaze of a dandy about town. In this world, there is no return. Only the moment exists.

Walking through the forest, I stumble over the gravestones of the nameless and the countless and all that crosses my mind is that one word ‘erasure’. Erasure. Erasure. There is no return.

Through the clearing, I see them dancing; the harpies, those goddesses, those interlopers. They do not know they are being watched. Swaying from side to side like the leaves above them, as if perpetually held in motion, they are drunk. The intoxication.Their heaving breathing signals no return.

Dark Locke- Double headed hollyhock

Lana Locke -Double-headed Hollyhock, direct burnout bronze monocast, chicken wire and oil paint

And their clothes….no longer rags, but beaded and jewelled beyond recognition. Their eyes, sapphires, emeralds, amethysts and the red-eyed angry ones; lips semi-parted in pleasure, wine staining the white teeth. Fluoro orange, bubblegum pink, neon blue like a sign lit over a highway; a peeping mirror catching the sunlight. Those crazy curlicues, the swirling patterns threatening to engulf the viewer. Seduction by colour. Edible. Brilliant. Eye-popping.

And here I am, an onlooker, nothing but a voyeur, an outsider, the greatest interloper of all. They lie on the ground, dishevelled broken dolls. The garments are splayed around them. Their white limbs glisten with anticipation. And here they are. Passed out after the frenzy. Here, in now semi-darkness, they say nothing; soundless ciphers. I try to move away, quietly, without being seen. I notice the night and the dark and the dark……….

And The Dark And The Dark…… is an exhibition at A-side B-side Gallery, Hackney Downs Studios showing the work of Gemma Kauffman (Camberwell BA Honours Ceramics 2001), Lana Locke (current CCW PhD student, Chelsea MA Fine Art 2012, Chelsea PG Diploma Fine Art 2010) and Vanessa Mitter (Chelsea MA Fine Art 2010, Chelsea PG Diploma Fine Art 2009, Central St. Martin’s BA Honours Fine Art: Painting 2001). The exhibition is curated by Gemma Kauffman.

Dark Kauffman- Eva

Gemma Kauffman – Eva, mixed media on board

Private view (first Thursdays): Thursday, 5th November 2015: 6.00pm – 9.00pm

A-side B-side Gallery, Hackney Downs Studios, Amhurst Terrace, London, E8 2BT

Exhibition open from Friday, 6th November 2015 – 16th November

Gallery opening hours: Thursday: 12-5pm & 7-9pm

Friday-Monday: 12-6pm (or by appointment)

Top image: Vanessa Mitter – Echo, oil and pigment on canvas

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