Aldeburgh Lookout Residency- Altea Grau

In the isolated, magical and stimulating Aldeburgh Lookout, Altea Grau developed a project that aimed to collect material to transform the sequential condition of writing into the simultaneous realm of seeing. Through video, sound and drawing components she presented two site-specific installations that aim to reflect on the echo, duality and connotations of the North Sea at the end of her residency on 2 May. Her research aims to re-evaluate the concept and the form of the page, in particular, the double page spread as a particular space for art. The investigation explores the page as a material support and a discursive space in an exhibition context, relating it to concepts such as space, echo, duality, reflection and mirroring.

The purpose is to reflect how forms of presentation of the pages, as pieces of art in public spaces, have created a distinctive condition for the viewer to engage with the form of the double page spread. The aim is to shift the conventional focus and context of analysis by considering the double page as piece of art itself and to open new modes of engagement. This research confronts both traditional and new approaches, including how we might engage with electronic forms of the page and how the digital formats might become an artistic and poetic tool to expand and change the concept of the double page spread.

When proposing the residency, Grau said, ‘I would like to use The Aldeburgh Beach South Lookout residency to make new site-specific work stimulated by the landscape, the pebbled beach, the sky and the intrinsic connotations and resonances that the sea carries.

The Lookout is facing the North Sea, a marginal sea that connects Scandinavia, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium. It brings the cold wind from the north and with it, rumours of history. The sea keeps moving every night, every day, during years and centuries, observing and being testimony of every episode of life that happens.

I would like to explore and to record the language of the sea. Isolated in the beach in Suffolk, it will be the perfect occasion to spend the time observing the tide, hearing the roaring of the immensity of the sea, the wind and the sound of pebbles dragging between waves.

I believe that even if 5 days is a short period of time, the experience will be very intense, and my aim is to take advantage of the stimulus and the process of making. Using beach and the views but also the space provided in the observatory. I would like to try to make the sea become a trace to bring it into the gallery space.’

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